About us    


  Offering full-fledged communication services,


HPR is one of the most reputed teams of PR practitioners in Korea, serving multinational corporations engaged in IT, manufacturing, finance, travel, and hospitality industries.


PR House is another name of HPR & Company who is focused on media-related services.


Though not large in headcount, but our service quality is second to none in Korea. We operate a highly capable team of communications professionals drawn from diversified social, economic, and industrial sub-sectors. With the experiences and expertise we have, customers are assured of success in all communications efforts in Korea. We handle every communications assignment in a manner that is purely Korean and penetrate the mind of the Korean audience.


If you want to see more favorable results from the messages delivered nearer to the Korean audience, don't hesitate to contact HPR and ask for help. You will soon see and enjoy results far exceeding those one would normally expect from a PR agency

If you need help in setting up PR programs targeting the Korean audience, consider first who knows the market best


Our clients will be assured of the following distinct benefits:

-Access to a wider range of Korean contacts.

-Full use of Korea-specific experiences and expertise.

-Understanding of the blends of Korean business minds.

-Communications capabilities of truly international standards.

-A unique ability in handling local media and superior coverage, both in terms of quality and quantity.

-Exceptionally deep business knowledge that enables precise marketing and communications approaches.



PR House in Korea

Grace Son

Managing director(COO)

PR House


She has worked for 20 years in this communications industry and has had the opportunity to work for global and local companies including Ericsson-LG (former LG-Nortel), Text 100, and Core Logic.


What she loves the most is working with amazing local and global teams who all think differently to achieve one goal, and meeting with clients who are all from different industries, from high tech companies to consumer companies. She is keen to combine test-proven strategies successfully launched in one area with potential opportunities for other industries.

HPR & Company in Korea

Jay Ahn

Senior consultant

HPR & Company


Jay thinks ‘balance’ is always the most valuable virtue at work. Balance with good people, with good partners, and overall great experience is essential to deliver truly integrated service. The more visible the process, the more likely it is to have an effect.


Jay who has working experience as an expatriate in UK and several south East Asian countries for more than 10 years provides excellent bridge to understand more about the multinational clients in view of local climate. His efforts in the capacity of senior advisor are flavored with diverse industry experience in IT, engineering, hospitality, international trading and affairs, consumers and others.