Dozens of Domestic and Multinational Corporations are speaking high about HPR.

"I can feel that HPR has a strong empathy for our business.

In particular I feel that HPR understands our immediate business concerns."



Charles Cousins,

Managing Director,

Sophos Anti-Virus Asia Pte Ltd.




"Very good news indeed!!!

Congratulations HPR team, You continue to dazzle us!

Great work on the press conference.  I'm very impressed."







"Jay, your thoughts are very helpful, and I greatly appreciate your insight. I will pass same along to Michael of Wany Robotics"



Colette-Ballou PR/France


for Wany Robotics


Dear Jay,


"Congratulations for you and your team. I have been informed about the events in Korea and Helio Mauro himself has expressed how satisfied he is with the way things has been conducted. Once more, congratulations and my personal thanks!"


Marco Machado, ProMaker/Brazil,  APEX Brazil