How we work

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter-unsplash

"Our job is not to tell our clients what we think they wish to hear  

but what we know they need to know."

Programming an effective corporate communications program depends on the quality of the planning manpower and their insight and foresight. At HPR, whether we serve as a complete agency working closely with a client's internal PR department or on a project basis, we devise programs that best fit to the client's needs with the maximum effect one expects.


HPR believes in total efforts, in which all PR and marketing professionals, including senior management, are devoted to every single account. This working attitude is only possible at such an agency as HPR, which is teamed up with true communications professionals. Each and every practitioners of HPR aims to serve clients with "heart and brain," and knows how to make the use of "hands and feet" for execution of any given assignments.


HPR views and treats every communications need on an individual client basis. We look at each situation independently and separately, and attempt to maximize opportunities for problem solving. Instead of so-called "cookie cutter approach" to marketing communications, we take what we've experienced from servicing clients of diverse industries to get the job done in an imaginative, fresh, cost-efficient manner.