Promotion and Event





Promotion, Meetings, Conference, Branding, Launching, Exhibitions, Social Network



Unlike many other PR agencies in Korea, Our interest and added specialty in delivering messages for our clients is event management.


As part of marketing support programs in connection with our PR strategy, event management programming has been one of the core services of HPR & Company.


HPR helps client organizations turn their challenges of various public affairs into eventual business success.


Whether they are issues of environment, human health, community affairs, or corporate social responsibilities, HPR provides the most professional, cost-effective, and dynamic communications solutions that maximize public acceptance and turn today's adversaries, if any, into tomorrow's allies.


HPR's event management team defines, creates, and delivers the message clearly to the audience so that they carry the same in mind when leaving the venue. These services include but are not limited to, Launching product/corporate, Campaigns, B2B Relations, CRM, Seminar, Conferences and Social Network activities.