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HPR & PR House help customer organizations turn their challenges of various public affairs into eventual business success. Whether they are issues of environment, human health, community affairs, or corporate social responsibilities, HPR brings up with the most professional, cost-effective and dynamic communications solutions that maximize public acceptance and turn today's adversaries, if any, into tomorrow's allies.


Teamed up with our senior executives and the members of advisory board, who are drawn from corporations, government bodies, and varied social, political and industrial sectors, HPR maintains incomparably broad contacts in the Korean society as a whole, and knows how to build coalition with respective concerned parties. With HPR, you are assured of sending clear and vivid messages to any segments of the population in a single voice and tone


Experienced media management team develops media strategy and executes diversified publicity programs with national and regional media of print, audio visual and social media such as television and radio stations, newspapers, business and/or trade publications and various on-line social media networks. Among others, HPR's particular strength in this service area is that, we, as a purely indigenous PR agency, maintain very friendly and personalized business relationships with media leaders.

Media monitoring and more

Basic approach of HPR's media monitoring is not collecting every and each duplicated mushroom news and gossips in  Korean media so to let you free from reading bulky stereo type story books every day. Reading the the news as if we were the client, we streamline the main points to let you know together with our insights and foresignts as well as related regularory and business environments