"Creativity, Integrity, and Thoroughness, that's what we offer to our clients."

Media and Publicity

Founded in 1986 as an independent PR consultancy,

offering full-fledged communications services, HPR is one of the most reputed teams of PR practitioners in Korea, serving multinational corporations engaged in IT, manufacturing, hospitality, and others.



PR Agency in Korea

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Promotion and Event

Crativity, Integrity and Thoroughness, that 's what we offer to our clients.


HPR helps customer organizations turn their challenges of various public affairs into eventual business success. Whether they are issues of environment, human health, community affairs, or corporate social responsibilities, HPR brings up with the most professional, cost-effective and dynamic communications solutions that maximize public acceptance and turn today's adversaries, if any, into tomorrow's allies.



PR Agency in Korea

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash


"Do business in Korea as if you were in Korea and travel less"

Whether visiting Korea often or rarely, for those who are in business approach with Korean market or corporates, it is always useful to have a Korean expert as project coordinator/facilitator to take care of the business in Korea as the flagging representative



Representation service in Korea